Halina Kaczmarczyk is an artist to whom the EGG, as a symbol, has become the philosophical key to cognition. Everything started from the EGG. This is where it all started, search for God, for self, for life, truth and for a path.
The specific cycles in painting depict the history of this struggle. This is a multithreaded story, where symbol, subjected to inner friction, appears in various configurations.

Finally, it crashes and goes through further transformations.

Ceramic sculpture, also subordinated to the EGG, has a utilitarian quality. This is where the hidden objective of the artist has been inherent, as the uniquely composed space is to make up the EGG CENTER in the future – whatever it is that anyone imagines this term to mean. This may be a coffee shop, museum, art gallery?

The EGG COLLECTION has the same objective; they have come from all over the world. These objects, created from various raw materials, decorated in various ways, form a sort of cosmogonique myths about creation in which, almost in all cultures, EGG is present in the act of creation.

Adventures and research on the egg are systemically recorded in the form of short stories and essays; whereas poetry is the voice of the heart, manifestation and result of the search and inner friction that are a part of each human being trying to explore the meaning of existence and that it is that is important in life.

A word is not a myth without meaning. The word EGG is a symbol of life.
In Hebrew, BJCH is a word that holds power (vibration and rhythm), it spreads.
In scientific transliteration, the Latin alphabet, the word could look like this: bêcâ
And simplified: beca, hence.......name